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Metamorphosis: three variations on a theme

The start point is a ‘tool-box’ of pattern forming elements – a series of shapes reminiscent of Autumn Leaves in rainbow colours. 
Through ‘Processing’ these shapes are subjected to a process of 3D movement. 

In Metamorphosis 1, movement is applied to create an array of images as a continuous trail.  This process renders the original shapes               as a series of scroll waves. 

Metamorphosis 2 performs a similar process in 2D.  Here, the shapes of the original tool-box are still discernible but in a distorted form.               It appears to be a system of continuous oscillation that produces this result – analogous to a chemical system running out of equilibrium. 

Metamorphosis 3 shows spontaneous order emerging from complexity as recognisable structures with shape and depth begin to be evident. 

Together, these four digital artworks reveal how a simple program can create behaviour that is infinitely complex.